Youth Reinvestment Grant Program

The YRG Program was created through the enactment of the 2018 Budget Act (Chapter 29) and the related trailer bill (Assembly Bill 1812, Chapter 36, Statutes of 2018). The YRG Program was amended by AB 1454 (Chapter 584, Statutes of 2019) with further direction.

The YRG Program is aimed at diverting youth who are at risk of juvenile justice involvement from initial contact with the juvenile justice system using approaches that are evidence-based, culturally relevant, trauma-informed, and developmentally appropriate. This is supported by funding proposals that are evidence-based, trauma-informed, culturally relevant, and offer developmentally appropriate diversion options at various points of entry to the juvenile justice system.

Authorizing statute required the BSCC to report to the Legislature on the overall effectiveness of the YRG program and to set aside funds to contract with a research firm or university to conduct a statewide evaluation of the grant program and its outcomes. BSCC contracted with the Institute for Social Research at California State University, Sacramento, which produced the following reports, one for Cohort 1 and one for Cohort 2:

Youth Reinvestment Grant: Final Evaluation Report Round 2 - 2020-2023

Youth Reinvestment Grant: Final Evaluation Report Round 1 - 2019-2023


YRG Cohort 2 - July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2023

While the goal of the YRG Program is to avoid initial contact with law enforcement, funding may also be used to avert further involvement in the juvenile justice system for those who have already had contact. Diversion programs must incorporate at least one of the following: educational services, including academic and vocation services; mentoring services; mental health services; or behavioral health services.

YRG-2 Proposal Abstracts

Grantee Project Title Award
AMAAD Institute Project ROAR (Restoration Outreach Advocacy & Resiliency $583,321
HealthRIGHT 360/Asian American Recovery Services Pacific Islander Voices, Outreach, & Transformation (PIVOT) $317,427
Centinela Youth Services CYS Restorative Justice Diversion $1,602,943
Community Action Board of Santa Cruz Luna y Sol Familia Center $1,200,000
Community Works West The Restorative Justice Diversion Project $1,923,469
Creative Build Invest in our Youth $599,655
Flintridge Center Youth of Promise Diversion Program Expansion $1,081,042
Interface Children and Family Services Interface Youth Diversion Partnership $1,143,391
Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade, Black United Fund Proud to be Me Trauma-Informed Youth Development Mentoring Program $1,200,000
Outward Bound Adventures Environmental Studies Expeditions Diversion Program $490,314
San Diego Youth Services TAY WORKS! $599,793
Sharefest Youth Leadership Academy – Diversion Program $600,000
Sierra Health Foundation: Center for Health Program Management Restorative Youth Justice $2,000,000
Tarzana Treatment Centers Youth Empowerment Project $899,769
Voices for Children Juvenile Justice Program $299,863


YRG Cohort 1 - July 1, 2019 to February 28, 2023

YRG Year-1 Statewide Data Dashboard

YRG Year-1 Project Abstracts

Grantee Project Title Award
Alameda, County Changing the Game: A Youth Violence Prevention Program $999,372
Contra Costa, County Restorative Justice Diversion for Youth in Contra Costa County $1,000,000
Costa Mesa, City Waymakers Juvenile Diversion $1,000,000
Culver City, City Culver City Youth Diversion Program $763,014
Imperial, County Imperial County Diversion Program $830,006
Inglewood, City Imperial County Diversion Program $1,000,000
La Puente, City Adolescent Intervention and Diversion program $400,000
Los Angeles, City City of Los Angeles Youth Diversion Partnership $1,000,000
Los Angeles, County Youth Diversion and Development Program Regional Expansion $2,000,000
Marin, County Marin County Diversion and Early Intervention Systems Enhancement Project $935,317
Richmond, City West County Youth Reinvestment Initiative $1,000,000
Sacramento, City Lifeline Program $999,780
Sacramento, County Pivoting Pathways Project $1,000,000
San Bernardino, City (YRDP) San Bernardino Youth Reinvestment & Development Program $999,998
San Fernando, City San Fernando Youth Reinvestment Program $1,000,000
San Joaquin, County (partial award) San Joaquin Juvenile Deflection Project $1,000,000
San Jose, City Adelante Program $1,000,000
San Leandro, City Restorative Justice Alternatives to Suspension Tiered Services $985,000
San Luis Obispo, County Restorative Dialogue Program $733,333
Santa Barbara, County Youth Reinvestment – Santa Barbara County $795,193
Santa Clara Probation Evolve – South County $1,000,000
Santa Clara, County (Executive Office) Intentional Diversion for Maximum Impact – Young Women’s Freedom Center and Office of Women’s Policy $1,000,000
Santa Cruz, County Community Reclaiming Youth Justice $1,000,000
Solano, County Solano County Youth Reinvest Grant Proposal $300,000
Sonoma, County Sonoma County Youth Reinvestment Diversion Program $1,000,000
Ventura, County (Sheriff) Check & Connect Ventura County $1,000,000
Yolo, County RESTORE $630,000



The purpose of the Statewide Program Evaluation RFP was to solicit proposals from universities and research firms to complete a statewide evaluation of the Youth Reinvestment Grant Program and to provide information about the individual projects funded by the BSCC.

Applicants are requested to propose an evaluation design that:

  1. relies primarily on the use of qualitative and aggregate quantitative data collected from grantees through the BSCC’s Quarterly Progress Reports (QPRs);
  2. relies secondarily on the qualitative and quantitative data obtained from grantee Local Evaluation Reports (LERs);
  3. recognizes the grantee’s Lead Public Agency as the local coordinator for data collection and reporting; and
  4. minimizes any evaluation related impacts on the community-based organizations that will provide services under the YRG Program.


Statewide Program Evaluation RFP


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