Juvenile Titles 15 and 24 Regulations Revision

On March 9th 2017, the Juvenile Titles 15 and 24 Regulations Revision Executive Steering Committee (ESC) met in Sacramento where they identified critical issues and provided direction to regulation revision workgroups.

The following workgroups, members, and meeting dates for the Juvenile Titles 15 & 24 Regulation Revisions process have been identified. Workgroup members, representative of California’s diverse population, were selected based on personal and professional experience, subject matter expertise, geographic representation and availability. Click the links below for membership information and workgroup material.

All workgroups will convene at the BSCC offices at 2590 Venture Oaks Way in Sacramento and will be open to the public.

Additional information on workgroup meetings and briefing material will be posted to this page as it becomes available.