Grantee Invoicing

Invoice Workbooks

The invoice workbook links below are password protected, macro-enabled Excel files.

You must enable macros in order for the forms to work as designed. A macro is a series of commands or instructions and functions such as calculations that are stored within the documents for tasks that are performed regularly and repeatedly. Note: Enabling macros will in no way compromise the security of your local system, nor the security of your agency’s network.

Depending on the macro security settings on your computer, when you select your agency’s file, you may get one of two prompts:

  1. A prompt to choose whether to enable or disable macros when you access your agency’s file. If you do get this prompt, select “Enable Macros”; or
  2. A Security Warning prompt that allows you to trust any document containing macros from the BSCC. Check the box next to “Always trust macros from this source”; then select “Enable Macros”. In the future, when you open your invoice workbook from the same computer, macros will be enabled and you will not have to repeat this step.

You will next get a prompt to enter your agency’s password. If the password is entered correctly, the invoice/modification form will open up and will be ready to receive information.

For further instructions, see the Instructions tab on your invoice workbook.