COVID-19 and BSCC Juvenile Visitation Guidance

TO:                Chief Probation Officers Juvenile Facility Managers

FROM:           Linda Penner, Chair, Board of State and Community Corrections



Yesterday, the Board of State and Community Corrections provided guidance on issues related to BSCC programs and COVID-19. We have received additional questions regarding the guidance about in-person visitation at local adult detention facilities and whether local juvenile facilities should also suspend in-person visitation in light of the Governor’s Executive Order No. 25-20.

This memo is to provide additional information about the options for juvenile facilities. A suspension of in-person visitation may be warranted for individual facilities and especially in cases where social distancing of six feet per person cannot be maintained. If suspension is needed, please contact your designated Field Representatives and we will review and facilitate your request on a case-by-case basis.

In lieu of a suspension of regulations, you may also wish to consider other alternative placements, working in coordination with other public health and safety officials and the juvenile court.


If you have any questions, please contact your respective Field Representatives.

Thank you,