CalVIP RFP To Be Released Nov. 19

SACRAMENTO (Nov. 18, 2021) – The Board of State and Community Corrections voted unanimously today to solicit applications for the California Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant Program.

The Request for Proposals approved by the Board will be available on the BSCC website beginning Nov. 19, 2021. The grant makes available $209 million in competitive grant funds to help cities disproportionately affected by violence improve safety and outcomes in communities. An additional $2 million is set aside for the City of Los Angeles as a non-competitive grant.

In previous years $9 million has been allocated by the Legislature to the program. The Legislature gave CalVIP a one-time $200 million boost in the FY 2021-2022 State Budget Act.

Fifty-three cities meet one or more of the criteria for eligibility and are listed here. Applicants can be those city governments, as well as community-based organizations that serve those cities. Initiatives funded by the grant must focus on providing violence intervention services to the segment of population identified as having the highest risk of either perpetrating or being victimized by violence. Applicants must provide a 100 percent match, either in funds or in-kind contributions.

Proposals are due back to the BSCC by Feb. 11, 2022. The 42-month grant term will begin July 1, 2022, and end Dec. 31, 2025.

For more information about grant details please contact Field Representative Katrina Jackson at