BSCC Seeks Committee Members to Revise Juvenile Regulations

SACRAMENTO (Feb. 10, 2022) – The Board of State and Community Corrections is seeking people with subject matter, lived and professional experience to help revise regulations governing the operation and design of local juvenile detention facilities.

As the BSCC launches the regulation revision process, it will begin by seeking statements of interest from people interested in serving on the Executive Steering Committee that will inform the process. People interested in applying can go to  About ESCs and Scoring Panels.

Titles 15 and 24 of the California Code of Regulations set minimum standards for the operation, design, and construction of local juvenile detention facilities. The most recent updates were in 2019 and included provisions for gender equity, trauma-informed care, use-of-force, and room confinement.

Senate Bill 92 further directs the BSCC to work with the new Office of Youth and Community Restoration on new or modified standards for Secure Youth Treatment Facilities that will hold young people as the state Division of Juvenile Justice is phased out. Secure Youth Treatment Facilities will house and treat young people closer to home who previously would have been sent to DJJ.

In addition, BSCC staff will begin seeking comments for potential revisions during a 90-day input period.  A survey for submitting regulation revisions will be available on the BSCC website.

It is the BSCC’s practice to develop regulations and propose revisions with extensive input from subject-matter experts, including community input and public participation. The BSCC seeks to ensure that standards reflect best practices. To that end, staff will look for ESC members that represent a range of experience and expertise, especially people with lived experience in the juvenile system.

The BSCC hopes to have the committee seated by April.

For more information, please visit Juvenile Titles 15 and 24 Regulations Revisions or contact