Mental Health Training Grant (JAG)

$7 million is provided to local corrections agencies, through the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG), for a statewide mental health training initiative.  The funding is distributed on a per capita basis to probation departments, sheriff’s offices, and police departments for mental health related training delivered to their staff from May 1, 2019 through September 30, 2021 (extended from September 30, 2020).

The funds, available through the BSCC, is distributed for two priority areas:

  1. Mental health related training for local corrections staff
  2. Instructor training for the new STC Behavioral Health training included in all three core training programs (JCO, ACO, and PO).

The first priority area is the delivery of mental health training for corrections staff, including line staff, supervisors, managers and administrators.  Mental health training is broadly defined to include single training or multiple subject courses of training that include content such as signs and symptoms of mental illness, substance use disorder, trauma informed care, stigma and bias, crisis intervention, de-escalation techniques, and suicide prevention. The funds can only be used on STC certified courses and in the four STC approved categories of tuition, per diem, travel, and replacement costs.

The second priority area is statewide training for instructors on the new STC Behavioral Health Module that is included in the ACO, JCO and PO core training.  Agencies that deliver their own core training are required to send one trainer.  Additional slots will be made available for agencies that are interested in using the STC Behavioral Health Module for annual training.  Agencies attending the training under this grant will receive free tuition to the class and all reasonable travel related costs will be reimbursed by the BSCC.




Grant recipients must submit two reports each quarter.

Use links below to access reporting tools and tutorials.


Federal Performance Indicator Report



Mental Health Training Progress Report