City Attorney’s Prop 47 team hits a growing homeless encampment in South Los Angeles.

Promising Programs in Practice

Inside/Out Students Study Together at Imperial Jail

picture of inmates taking a course offered by Imperial Valley College that links to article When he dropped out of high school, Pedro thought academics weren’t for him. But in the Imperial County Jail his mind was freed.



Wild Horse Redemption in Sacramento County

picture of inmate training horse links to page with article At a rustic ranch in rural Sacramento County patient wranglers learn to coax the wildness out of mustangs, while hoping the animals will one day flourish outside of the corrals that have held them since capture.



In LA, New Section 8 Rules Mean Some Felons Can Go Home

offenders and families reuniting in public housing and voucher programs links to article Damae Miller’s mother went to prison when the young woman was just 15. Now 25, she is looking forward to helping her mother transition to freedom after a decade in the Central California Women’s Facility at Chowchilla.



Erasing The Past, One Tattoo At A Time

picture of inmate undergoing laser removal of tattoo links to article STOCKTON -- Juan Nila has made a lot of decisions he regrets, but at least one can be erased: the prominent Aztec tattoo across the front of his neck that signaled his membership in a street gang.



Dogs, Humans Strive For Second Chance

picture of labradoodle on leash with an Orange County Jail inmate links to article Shannon Plummer is a 53-year-old heroin addict serving time at the James A. Musick Jail in Orange County for felony drug possession. Frosty is her year-old roommate, a lanky white Labradoodle mix whose time was up at the county animal shelter....



Can Horses Help Offenders Process Destructive Emotions? Success In Siskiyou County Is Riding On It.

Siskiyou County Probation Day Reporting Center client working with horse links to article James Lineberger drank too much for too long trying to quell his lifelong feelings of deep anxiety, and eventually landed in jail for domestic violence. Then into his life at the Siskiyou County Probation Department’s Day Reporting Center came Big Dar, a massive paint-colored draft horse. At first Big Dar was skittish and standoffish with Lineberger and wouldn’t come close, mirroring back the feelings Lineberger emitted...



Military Vets Find Support in Jail

Veterans Moving Forward Program at San Diego County's Vista Detention Facility links to article In a calm and orderly pod of San Diego County’s Vista Detention Facility the quiet that is a rarity in county jails is interrupted by an occasional “Ooh-rah,” the solidarity cry of the U.S. Marine Corps. The 32 men incarcerated here, from all branches of service, are part of an experiment in which the special needs of military veterans are addressed to improve their odds of success upon release...



San Diego County Agencies Collaborate on Realignment Goals

picture of inmates in San Diego County participating in outdoor activity links to article In San Diego County an ambitious collaboration to help Realigned offenders escape from cycles of crime is underway between public safety officials, the courts, probation, the District Attorney, Public Defender and community-based organizations.



San Diego Invests in Collaborative Courts to Reduce Recidivism

picture of a San Diego court room proceeding links to article SAN DIEGO – The man with the offensive tattoos on his hands was nicknamed Angry Bird when public safety officials here diverted him into a special Reentry Court to deal with issues surrounding his addictions, anger and impulse control.



Sacramento County’s Adult Day Reporting Center Offers Hope for Change

picture of probationary men participating in a life skills class links to article Robert grew to adulthood lacking the mental acumen to see how a sketchy situation might deteriorate into something he would regret being a part.

“Now before things arise, I stop and say to myself, ‘How is this going to move my life forward?’ I use these skills every day.”



In Fresno, Inmates Learn to Handle Life’s Challenges

picture of inmates from the Fresno County jail participating in group meeting links to article On the fifth floor of the Fresno County Jail 32 men have put aside their gang affiliations and racial and social prejudices for the chance to turn their lives around.

These are AB 109 inmates whose risk score was medium to high for recidivism – mostly substance abusers with addictions that propelled their revolving door existence in this Central California lockup.



LA County Jail Education Programs Transform Lives

L.A. County jail inmates graduating from Education Based Incarceration program links to article “It’s so remarkable to see human intelligence triumph over bad behavior,” Sheriff Leroy Baca of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Jan. 16, 2014.

“We’re confined, but our minds are always free to learn,” inmate Solomon Brown, 30.


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Latest News

Notice of Proposed Action – Title 15 Minimum Standards for Training

December 27, 2019
Pursuant to the authority granted by Penal Code Sections 6035 and 6036, the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) hereby gives notice of the proposed regulatory action(s) described in this public notice.

Committee Studying Regulation Updates Seeks Input

November 21, 2019
SACRAMENTO – The executive steering committee that will be updating regulations governing the operations and design of local adult corrections facilities has set December 2 as its first meeting.

BSCC Awards Federal Title II Grants

November 14, 2019
Twelve organizations will receive $4 million in federal funding over the next year to support juvenile delinquency prevention in a move approved today by the Board of State and Community Corrections. The nine nonprofits, two governmental agencies and a school district are eligible for grant funding for the next three years, however the amounts available Read More »

Two RFPs for Youth Diversion Released

November 14, 2019
The Board of State and Community Corrections today approved release of two new requests for proposals – both to fund diversion programs that would help young people involved in the justice system, or at risk of involvement. The Tribal Youth Diversion Grant will provide $9.7 million for trauma-informed and health-based interventions for youthful members of Read More »

Members Needed for Regulation Revision ESC

October 8, 2019
The BSCC is looking for people with subject-matter expertise who are interested in reviewing and updating the Title 15 and 24 regulations governing the operations and construction of jails.

BSCC Awards $16.2m in Federal JAG Grants

September 12, 2019
SAN DIEGO (Sept. 12, 2019) – The Board of State and Community Corrections has approved allocating $16.2 million to 27 California counties whose applications for federal justice grants scored highest in their respective population categories.

RFP for Reentry Housing Rehab Now Available

September 12, 2019
SAN DIEGO (Sept. 12, 2019) – A grant to provide funding for the rehabilitation of buildings to house formerly incarcerated people as they are released from state prison was approved for release today by the Board of State and Community Corrections.

Governor Appoints Seale to Board

August 30, 2019
SACRAMENTO – Lee Seale, 47, of Sacramento, has been appointed to the Board of State and Community Corrections. He has served as chief probation officer of Sacramento County since 2013.

BSCC Awards $65m in Housing Assistance Grants

July 11, 2019
SACRAMENTO – The Board of State and Community Corrections awarded millions of dollars in rehabilitative grants today, and launched the processes for administering five more.

Board Awards $96m In Prop 47 Grants

June 13, 2019
SACRAMENTO – The Board of State and Community Corrections today approved grant awards from a voter initiative that reduces from felonies to misdemeanors certain low-level crimes and directs state savings to programs primarily focused on mental health and substance-use disorder treatment. It is the second round of Proposition 47 funding approved by the Board, to which voters allocated the bulk of the state savings for rehabilitative grants targeting Prop 47-impacted individuals. Approximately $96 million will go to 23 applicants whose rehabilitative programs were deemed most promising.