STC Training Managers Course

Currently, STC has two on-line training courses for the new STC Training Manager.

  1. 5-hour STC Basics

This class gives the new training manager the basic duties required to administer your agency’s STC training program. This course will assist participants to identify the training standards as well as the reporting requirements as they relate to Title 15 and STC Policies and Procedures. Information regarding the expenditures of STC funds including the application and reporting cycle will be covered. In addition, participants will identify ways to obtain and request credit for STC training that will meet the needs of their agency. This course is only open to participating agencies.


  1. 3-hour Learning Portal Basics:

This class will focus on using the STC Learning Portal. You will learn how to certify courses (RFC, IFT and WRE, etc.), add instructors into the system among other features. It is recommended for all new training managers. In addition, an overview of the various information hubs within the learning portal will be explained.

Please contact your STC Field Representative if you are interested in enrolling in either of these classes.