Core Lesson Plan Development Course

This course assists core coordinators and instructors with developing lesson plans that promote the learning process and active learning. During this six-hour course, instructors will describe various instructional system design models, explain the difference between a course outline and a lesson plan, discuss the various methodologies that may be chosen to deliver course material, list the steps involved in writing a lesson plan, and guide students in the development of a lesson plan.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will have the knowledge and skills to:

• Explain the instructional system design process called the ADDIE model.
• Explain the differences between an outline and a lesson plan.
• Given a performance objective, choose at least three different methodologies
to use in a lesson plan.
• Given a performance objective, explain and utilize the 4 Cs model of instructional

For further information regarding this course, please contact your STC Core Field Representative:

John Prince (southern region) - (916) 322-1145 or,

Mary Wakefield (central region) - (916) 324-9423 or, or

Laurel Alvarez-DaGrace (northern region and private providers) - (916) 445-4330 or