Juvenile Justice Data Working Group, 2014-2016

Assembly Bill 1468 (Chapter 26, 2014) established the California Juvenile Justice Data Working Group (JJDWG) within the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC). The main purpose of the JJDWG was to conduct a thorough review of state and local juvenile justice data systems, capacity and needs in California and to produce a report to the Legislature recommending “…options for improving interagency coordination, modernization and upgrading of state and local juvenile justice data and information systems.”

By statute the JJDWG was mandated to do the following:

  • Analyze the capacities and limitations of data systems and networks in current use, including a review of other-state systems;
  • Identify changes or upgrades to improve the capacity and utility of juvenile justice caseload and outcome data in California, including changes to support the gathering of juvenile justice outcome and recidivism information and changes to improve performance outcome measures for state-local grant programs;
  • Identify changes in data collection and reporting responsibilities of agencies, departments and providers affected;
  • Produce recommendations on the creation of a web-based statewide clearinghouse or information center making relevant juvenile justice information available in a user-friendly, query-based format for stakeholders and members of the public;
  • Submit its report and recommendations to the Legislature, including an implementation plan, by January 1, 2016.
#  Name  Title/Affiliation
1  David Steinhart, Chair  Director, Commonweal Juvenile Justice Program & BSCC Board Member
2  Jill Silva, Vice Chair  Chief Probation Officer, Stanislaus County
3  Wayne Babby  Deputy Director, Office of Research, CDCR
4  Julie Basco  Chief, Bureau of Criminal Information and Analysis, California DOJ
5  Sue Burrell  Staff Attorney, Youth Law Center
6  Mike Ertola  Chief Probation Officer Nevada County & BSCC Board Member
7  Honorable Donna Groman  Los Angeles County Superior Court, Juvenile Division
8  Denise Herz, Ph.D.  Director, School of Criminal Justice & Criminalistics, CSU-LA
9  Sandra McBrayer  Chair, State Advisory Group on Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention
10  Laura Ridolfi  Director of Policy, W. Haywood Burns Institute
11  Mike Roddy  Executive Officer, San Diego County Superior Court
12  Jim Salio  Chief Probation Officer, San Luis Obispo County
13  Dorothy Thrush  COO, Public Safety Group, Chief Administrative Office, San Diego County


  1. Replace the Juvenile Court & Probation Statistical System, currently housed at the California Department of Justice.
  2. Consolidate all state-level juvenile justice data collection and reporting responsibilities into a single state agency.
  3. Expand the range of caseload and outcome data collected and reported at state and local levels.
  4. Make improvements to the Juvenile Detention Profile Survey, managed by the Board of State & Community Corrections.
  5. Establish a web-based California Juvenile Justice Data Clearinghouse.
  6. Establish a Juvenile Justice Data Development Task Force or Commission with responsibility for implementation of these recommendations.