Indigent Defense Grant Program

The Budget Act of 2020 (Senate Bill 74) established the Indigent Defense Grant Program (IDGP) and appropriated $10,000,000 in funding. Per the Budget Act, $9,800,000 was to be allocated for grants to county Public Defenders and up to $200,000 set aside for an evaluation of the IDGP. Grantees were required to use funds to address the staffing, training, case management needs, or other attorney support of Public Defender Offices.

2024 Report: Evaluation of California's Indigent Defense Grant Program

The BSCC selected RAND to conduct a statewide evaluation of the IDGP to assess the implementation and outcomes of the projects initiated by IDGP grantees. This report details the ways that grantees used program funds; what the funds enabled offices to accomplish during the grant period; and lessons learned from this program, which appears to have facilitated the first significant and widespread distribution of state funds to county-based public defense providers in California’s trial courts.

Read the report: An Evaluation of California's Indigent Defense Grant Program

2021 Indigent Defense Grantees

In February 2021 the BSCC released the Indigent Defense Grant Program Request for Applications (RFA). Funds were allocated to public defenders in the 19 counties with populations of 550,000 or fewer residents. The grant service period runs February 15, 2021 through June 30, 2024.

# County Total Allocation *PDO / ADO Split
1 El Dorado $347,900
2 Humboldt $416,500 $323,400 to PDO
$93,100 to ADO
3 Imperial $347,900
4 Lassen $274,400
5 Marin $347,900
6 Mendocino $416,500 $323,400 to PDO
$93,100 to ADO
7 Merced $984,900
8 Monterey $637,000
9 Napa $323,400
10 Nevada $323,400
11 Santa Barbara $637,000
12 Shasta $347,900
13 Siskiyou $274,400
14 Solano $852,600 $637,000 to PDO
$215,600 to ADO
15 Sonoma $882,000
16 Stanislaus $1,127,000
17 Tulare $637,000
18 Tuolumne $274,400
19 Yolo $347,900

*PDO - Public Defender Office
ADO - Alternate Defender Office


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