Prop 64 PH&S Grant Cohort 2

The second round of Proposition 64 Public Health and Safety Grant Projects (Cohort 2) began May 1, 2021 and will provided services and grant activities by the state through April 30, 2024. These projects address an array of local topics including juvenile development and prevention and intervention activities; educational media campaigns for public health risks on the use of cannabis; and compliance and enforcement work. All project components and activities must to be linked to local issues due to the implementation of the Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act (i.e., the legalization of adult recreational use cannabis in California).

Proposition 64 PH&S Cohort 2 Grantee Orientation and Trainings

Cohort 2 Project Contact Listopens PDF file (as of February 8, 2023)

Invoice Narrative Examplesopens PDF file


October 26, 2021 – Invoice and Desk Review Webinar

  1. Prop 64 Invoicing and Desk Review PowerPointopens PDF file
  2. Prop 64 Invoice Supporting Documentation Packet Instructionsopens PDF file
  3. Prop 64 Supporting Documentation Checklistopens WORD file
  4. Prop 64 Grantee Salaries and Benefits Worksheetopens EXCEL file

September 8, 2021- Webinar: Cannabis Industry, Public Health, and Equity

August 5, 2021- Quarterly Progress Reports (QPR) – QPR Agendaopens PDF file QPR Webinar

  1. Prop 64 C2 QPR Q1_2 Granteeopens PDF file
  2. Prop 64 C2 QPR Guide_Granteeopens PDF file

July 14, 2021 - Local Evaluation Plan (LEP) Webinar – LEP Agendaopens PDF file LEP Webinar

  1. Local Evaluation Plan (LEP) and Local Evaluation Report (LER) Guidelines
  2. LEP Scoring Rubric
  3. Logic Model A
  4. Logic Model B
  5. Sample LEPs - Sample A PDF - Sample B PDF
  6. Evaluation Resources
  7. Statewide Logic Modelopens WORD file

June 21 - 23, 2021 – Grantee Orientation – Orientation Agendaopens PDF file

  1. Orientation Recording, Day 1- June 22, 2021
  2. Orientation Recording, Day 2- June 23, 2021
  3. Orientation Recording, Day 3- June 24, 2021

Section 1 – Grant Contact Information

  1. BSCC Prop 64 Staff Contact Informationopens PDF file
  2. Prop 64 Cohort 2 Grantee Contact Information
  3. Prop 64 Cohort 2 Grant Project Summariesopens PDF file

Section 2 – BSCC and Grant Overviews

  1. BSCC and Prop 64 Overviewopens PDF file
  2. BSCC Grants Coronavirus FAQsopens PDF file

Section 3 – Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Prop 64 Administrative Responsibilities PowerPointopens PDF file
  2. Prop 64 Cohort 2 Grant Agreement Sampleopens PDF file
  3. BSCC NGO Assurance Formopens WORD file
  4. Grantee Contact Information Sheetopens EXCEL file
  5. BSCC Grant Administration Guideopens PDF file
  6. Justification for Food & Beverageopens PDF file
  7. Justification for Participant & Program Incentivesopens PDF file
  8. Incentive Inventory & Log Sampleopens EXCEL file
  9. Fixed Asset Request Sampleopens PDF file

Section 4 – Programmatic Requirements

  1. Prop 64 Programmatic Requirements PowerPointopens PDF file
  2. Sample Comprehensive Monitoring Visit (CMV) Toolopens PDF file
  3. General Expectations for On-Site CMVopens PDF file
  4. Principles of Effective Interventionopens PDF file

Section 5 – Fiscal Responsibilities

  1. Fiscal Responsibilities PowerPointopens PDF file
  2. Invoice Workbook Sampleopens PDF file
  3. Invoice Supporting Documentationopens PDF file
  4. Budget Modification Scenariosopens PDF file
  5. Grant Audit Requirementopens PDF file

Section 6 – Data Collection & Evaluation Requirements

  1. Data Collection & Reporting PowerPointopens PDF file
  2. Local Evaluation Plan & Report Guidelinesopens PDF file
  3. Local Evaluation Plan Rubricopens PDF file
  4. Race & Ethnicity Formopens WORD file
  5. Assembly Bill 1998opens PDF file
  6. Evaluator Rolesopens PDF file
  7. Data Collection Tipsopens PDF file
  8. Evaluation Resourcesopens PDF file
  9. Statewide Logic Model DRAFTopens WORD file
  10. Data Reporting Guide & Instructions for QPRs DRAFTopens WORD file
  11. Quarterly Progress Report (QPR) Form DRAFTopens WORD file

Prop 64 PH&S Grant Program Cohort 2 Request for Proposals (RFP)

The RFP provides information necessary to prepare proposals to the BSCC for grant funds available through the Prop 64 PH&S grant.

The BSCC released the Proposition 64 Public Health and Safety (Prop 64 PH&S) Grant Program Cohort 2, Request for Proposals (RFP) on November 20, 2020 with a proposal submittal date of January 29, 2021. The RFP made available $51,788,690 through a competitive process for projects that address local impacts due to the legalization of adult-use recreational cannabis in California.

Prop 64 PH&S Grant Program Cohort 2 RFPopens PDF file

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)opens PDF file


Bidders’ Conference

A Bidders’ Conference was held Thursday, December 10, 2020 to answer technical questions from prospective applicants about the Cohort 2 RFP and provide clarity on RFP instructions.


Prop 64 PH&S Scoring Panel

The Prop 64 PH&S Scoring Panel members met on February 17, 2021 and were trained on the Cohort 2 RFP and RFP Rating Factors and Criteria.


Scoring Panel Roster

# Name Title Organization /Agency
1 Gordon Baranco
BSCC Board Member Board of State and Community Corrections
2 Tanja Heitman* Chief Probation Officer Santa Barbara County
3 Shannan Moon Sheriff Nevada County
4 Hollie Hall* Consultant, PhD. Watershed Resource Specialist
Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino Counties
5 Dave Neilsen* Retired, Deputy Director CA Department Alcohol & Drug Programs
6 Amy Irani* Director Environmental Health
Nevada County
7 Jon Heredia Chief Legal Officer
Adjunct Professor of Cannabis Law
Chief Legal Officer Mirage Medicinal
Golden Gate University School of Law
8 Michael Salvador* Police Chief City of Atwater
9 Miamah Reed Youth Services Specialist Sacramento Unified School District

*Original Prop 64 PH&S Executive Steering Committee (ESC) members