Performance Metrics for Community Corrections

“Performance Metrics for Community Corrections,” a report mandated by the Budget Act of 2014, outlines a set of interrelated metrics that are readily available and measurable that can assess how local community corrections systems are functioning. The county-by-county performance metrics identified address reported crime, arrests, supervision, incarceration, and local socioeconomic indicators. The socioeconomic indicators are part of the counties’ unique challenges impacting community corrections systems. To understand how criminal justice policy is working one must also consider the impact of these local conditions on the system. Taken together, these interrelated metrics can provide insight into the functioning of a county’s criminal justice system.

In addition to the report, the Board of State and Community Corrections annually updates Statewide and county-by-county data sets and tables of the performance metrics bi-annually. The bi-annual updates occur in February and September and are designed to help counties, legislators, policymakers, researchers and other interested stakeholders assess how local community corrections systems are functioning. Having a way to analyze performance will allow policymakers to make informed decisions based on what they desire for their communities. The data sets and tables now provide data from 2007 through 2022 and compare changes since 2007.



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