Opioid Antagonists in Local Detention Facilities Survey

The Opioid Antagonists in Local Detention Facilities Survey is a limited-term data collection instrument to gather information related to drugs and drug overdoses in each local detention facility (adult and juvenile). Some items are reported for both administrations of the survey, May and July of 2024. Other items are only collected with the first administration, May of 2024. Each local agency (sheriff department or probation department) is requested to provide a response for each facility operated by the agency. A summary report of responses will be developed following the second administration.

The BSCC will screen the reported information and, when necessary, will contact the reporting agency to clarify reported information. The BSCC relies on the counties to provide accurate and reliable information. Additionally, the BSCC will attempt to standardize reporting across agencies and facilities by providing guidance on data reporting through several mechanisms. These include the Survey Overview document (see link below), a reporting webinar for all data reporters, and one-on-one technical assistance as needed.

The following provide the resources available regarding the survey:



For general questions about this survey please email BSCC-Mail@bscc.ca.gov.

Data reporters who have specific data reporting questions should email Research@bscc.ca.gov.


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