No Surge in Early Releases

A recent story in the Los Angeles Times reported that early releases from jail since Realignment grew considerably in late 2013. Unfortunately, the data used from our website to make that assessment included an error that skewed the tally by 3,891 people. Therefore the article’s statement that early releases of offenders “surged to over 17,400” in October 2013 from an average 13,500 is not correct. October releases were 13,509. Realignment never was intended to be a means for incarcerating everyone. Counties across California are being prompted by Realignment to decide who belongs in jail and who does not, including those whose risk assessment makes them candidates for electronic monitoring. Counties are creating meaningful programs to reduce recidivism, such as the drug- and alcohol-treatment programs into which numerous offenders are released early from jail. The story made no mention that many of the early releases are these kinds of appropriate, supervised releases.