New Juvenile Title 15 Regulations in Effect

On April 1, 2014 the new Title 15 minimum standards for local juvenile detention facilities became effective after approval by the California Office of Administrative Law. The new regulations, available here, make important changes to the regulations governing young people in local juvenile detention facilities. Changes include expanded suicide prevention program requirements, improved practices for LGBT youth, and new language in the regulation for recreation and exercise that emphasizes its intent to maximize the amount of time that young offenders spend out of their rooms. The revised regulations also now require a daily review of youth separated from the general population to determine whether it remains appropriate for them to be kept apart. The education program regulation also was enhanced to align it with state and federal statute requirements and to ensure that inspections of education programs are conducted objectively. The regulation review began in 2012 and incorporated input from more than 125 stakeholders, including juvenile detention facility managers, Chief Probation Officers, mental health professionals, experts in medical and nutritional health, juvenile justice advocates, attorneys, program providers and juvenile justice commissioners. The revisions relied on national best practices to improve facility operations and safety for juveniles in custody.