Data and Research Standing Committee

To be held at: California State Association of Counties, First Floor, Peterson Conference Room, 1100 K Street, Sacramento, CA AGENDA – PDF Meeting Called to Order: Roll Call A. Welcome, Announcements and Goals for today’s meeting – Ms. Susan Mauriello, BSCC Board Member B: Data and Research Standing Committee March 25, 2014 Meeting Minutes – Requesting Approval of Meeting Minutes. C. Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) – PPIC/BSCC Multi-County Study – Update Presented by Ryken Grattet D. Corrections Realignment and Data Collection in California – Update Presented by Ryken Grattet E. Workload pressure at the county level in the wake of Realignment. How can it be measured and understood?

  • Consider the broader impact, include juvenile population to show the overall impact to criminal justice.
  • Useful sets of measures: Impact on jails, recidivism and crime
  • How has the population changed (medical, mental health and substance abuse)

F. Role of the Committee – Continued Discussion from March 25, 2014 Meeting

  • What questions does the committee want to answer?

G. How can the Data and Research Standing Committee be a resource to the CSAC, CPOC, CSSA and the AOC? – Staff recommendation to invite the associations to the next meeting. H. Next Meeting is scheduled for June 11 (Location TBD) Additional Information or Questions? For additional information or if you have questions about this Public Notice please feel free to contact: Norma Martinez P (916) 323-6156