BSCC Seeks Input on Federal COVID Funding

The Board of State and Community Corrections sought and was awarded $58.5 million in federal funds to help ease the financial impacts of COVID-19 emergency spending on the criminal justice system. The BSCC now seeks public input on how to most effectively disperse the funds.

The Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding program is a grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance. According to the BJA, allowable projects “include, but are not limited to” overtime costs, equipment (including law enforcement and medical personal protective equipment), hiring, supplies (such as gloves, masks and sanitizer), training, travel expenses – particularly those related to the distribution of resources. It also could fund steps addressing the medical needs of people in state, local and tribal prisons, jails and detention centers.

The BSCC is seeking input on how the State should allocate its share of CESF funding it has received, which can go to other state entities, local governments, tribal governments, or not-for-profit, private entities to address impacts of COVID-19.

The BJA granted 1,739 awards nationwide worth $850 million.

The BSCC will accept public comment from June 12 through July 12 on priority needs for this grant program. Please send comments to

The mission of the BSCC includes providing leadership, coordination and technical assistance to promote effective partnerships and practices in California’s adult and juvenile local criminal justice systems.

For more information visit the BJA website