BSCC Board Upholds Appeals Panel Decision on Jail Funding

The Board of State and Community Corrections on Thursday upheld an appeals panel’s decision that changed the allocation of jail construction funding under SB 1022. The Board agreed that Stanislaus County should have received credit in its application for having a site that was ready under the California Environmental Quality Act. The 9-3 decision to award Stanislaus County a preference point for CEQA compliance means it will receive $40 million for construction of a reentry facility at its public safety center in Ceres. It moves Stanislaus County up the list for funding in the medium-sized counties. That decision by the board bumps from funding San Joaquin County, which was set to receive $33.3 million toward the $40 million it requested for a new facility with program space. Tulare County moves down to San Joaquin’s slot and will receive $33.3 million toward its $40 million award for a jail and day reporting center. Thirty-six counties submitted requests for funding that were ranked according to how closely they met the requirements of AB 109’s landmark reform to house and rehabilitate non-serious, non-violent, non-sexual offenders in their home communities. Fifteen counties were recommended to receive $500 million in lease revenue bond funding at the January Board meeting. Counties then had 30 days to appeal the decision. Three counties did. Officials from Stanislaus County disputed the Board’s decision to support the ESC, which said the County’s environmental documents were not sufficient. Stanislaus officials argued that the county had the documentation available to demonstrate full compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act because of recent jail construction projects approved on the site. County officials said they did not present that information because the Request for Funding Proposal for SB 1022 financing specifically stated that previously filed documents should not be submitted. The appeals panel viewed Stanislaus’ submission as technically in error, but granted the county’s request because of the RFP wording. The Board also upheld an appeals panel decision to deny appeals by Humboldt and Monterey counties, agreeing that neither properly had showed they had earmarked funding to provide the local 10 percent match. Additional Information or Questions? For additional information or if you have questions about this Public Notice please feel free to contact: Tracie Cone P (916) 322-1054