Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Grant


MMIP Grant: A partnership between the BSCC and the Governor’s Office

The Budget Act of 2022 (Senate Bill 154, Chapter 43, Statutes of 2022) established the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People (MMIP) Grant Program. Per the Budget Act, funds shall be awarded by the Board of State and Community Corrections as competitive grants to federally recognized Indian tribes in California to support efforts to identify, collect case-level data, publicize, and investigate and solve cases involving missing and murdered indigenous people. Grants should focus on activities including, but not limited to, developing culturally based prevention strategies, strengthening responses to human trafficking, and improving cooperation and communication on jurisdictional issues between state, local, federal, and tribal law enforcement in order to investigate and solve cases involving missing and murdered indigenous people.


MMIP Grants - Cohort 2

Request for Proposals (RFP)

In July 2024 the BSCC Board approved $19.9 million in MMIP awards for 18 federally recognized Indian Tribes in California. MMIP Cohort 2 grantees will be under agreement with the BSCC from August 1, 2024, to June 1, 2028. The term of the grant agreement includes the grant service delivery period and an additional six months to finalize and submit the required Final Local Evaluation Report and financial audit.


Large Scope Projects

Tribe Award
Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians $1,000,000
Greenville Rancheria $982,870
Hoopa Valley Tribe $1,000,000
Karuk Tribe $1,000,000
Pala Band of Mission Indians $1,000,000
Pechanga Band of Indians $980,035
Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians $967,845
Pit River Tribe $1,000,000
Round Valley Indian Tribes $750,571
San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians $926,136
Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi Yokut Tribe $981,173
Wilton Rancheria $991,323

Small Scope Projects

Tribe Award
Scotts Valley Band of Pomo Indians $498,690
Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians $500,000

Collaborative Projects

Tribe(s) Award
Cahuilla Band of Indians (Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians, Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians) $999,998
Ione Band of Miwok Indians (Wilton Rancheria) $1,999,675
Jamul Indian Village of California (Manzanita Band, San Pasqual Band, and Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay) $1,999,625
Pinoleville Pomo Nation (Robinson Rancheria, Kashia Band of Pomo Indians, and Redwood Valley Rancheria) $1,999,661


MMIP Grants - Cohort 1

In July 2023 BSCC staff trained the MMIP Executive Steering Committee on the proposal reading and rating process based on the criteria established in the RFP.  Using ESC scores, BSCC staff generated a list of proposals eligible for funding to present to the Board for approval. The BSCC Board approved three proposals at their September 2023 meeting and a fourth at the November 2023 meeting for a total of $2.88 million in MMIP funding.
Tribe Project Name Award
Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation BSCC Missing and Murdered Indigenous People $440,000
Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo Indians MMIP Violence Prevention Strategies in Protecting our People $1,000,000
Yurok Tribe Yurok To’ Kee Skuy’ Soo Ney-Wo-Chek’ $1,000,000
Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria Trinidad Rancheria MMIP Project $436,003


Contact the BSCC regarding the MMIP Grant

Please direct your questions, concerns, or comments about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Grant Program to mmip@bscc.ca.gov. A staff member will review your request and follow-up as needed.