Local Youth Offender Rehabilitation Facilities Construction (SB 81)

On August 24, 2007, SB 81 (also known and referred to as the Local Youthful Offender Rehabilitative Facility Construction Financing Program) became law (as authorized by certain provisions of Senate Bill 81, Chapter 175, and Statutes of 2007). The purpose of this financing program is to support the rehabilitation of youthful offenders at the local level. As such, pursuant to the legislative intent of SB 81, rehabilitation must be a core component of the operational philosophy of the facility subject to construction, expansion or renovation. SB 81 authorized $100 million in lease-revenue bond financing authority. In October 2010, AB 1628 added $200 million in lease-revenue bond financing authority to this construction financing program.

On September 12, 2014, the BSCC Board authorized the release of SB 81 Round Two Request for Proposals. The purpose of SB81 Round Two is to award the remaining $79.2 million in lease-revenue bond financing for the acquisition, design, renovation, or construction of county juvenile facilities as authorized by Welfare and Institutions Code Sections 1970-1978.  SB 81 Legislation


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