March 23, 2023 Meeting Agenda

Juvenile Regulations Revision Executive Steering Committee
March 23, 2023
Board of State and Community Corrections Board Room
2590 Venture Oaks Way
Sacramento CA 95833
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM*

*Meeting may end prior to 5pm if all agenda items are covered
*There will be a 30-minute break for lunch


Printable Agenda

  1. Regulation Discussion, Review, and Revision Proposal**
    1. Secure Youth Treatment Facility Regulations
      1. SYTF Subcommittee Co-Chair Discussion
      2. SYTF Proposed Emergency Revisions – Draft
    2. Title 15, Minimum Standards for Juvenile Facilities
      Hyperlinks to current regulations are provided

      1. Article 5. Classification and Segregation
      2. Article 6. Programs and Activities
      3. Article 7. Discipline
      4.  Article 8. Health Services
      5. Article 9. Food
      6. Article 10. Clothing and Personal Hygiene
      7. Article 11. Bedding and Linens
      8. Article 12. Facility Sanitation and Safety
    3. Title 24, Physical Plant Regulations
    4. Article 1, Section 1302, Definitions
      1. Definitions will be discussed throughout the meeting and reviewed at the close of regulation discussion

**Public Comment will be heard after each article.

  1. Summary and Next Steps
  2. Public Comment
  3. Closing

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