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Core Instructor Development Course

This 28-hour STC certified course enhances the training skills of both new and experienced trainers and helps local agency instructors maximize their effectiveness in presenting job-relevant, quality training. This course is similar to the STC Instructor Development Course (IDC); however, this course also enhances the skills necessary to deliver core courses that meet the requirements specified in the STC Core Course Manuals and the skills required to develop core tests.

Core providers are encouraged to sponsor a class for their instructors on-site. Additionally, STC Core Field Representatives will offer this class regionally at least one time per year in the southern, central, and northern regions. Participants should be core course instructors and will be expected to participate fully during class and will be called upon to demonstrate their skills during training.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will have the knowledge and skills to:

• Identify five behaviors trainers should model and five behaviors trainers should avoid.
• Describe three learning styles.
• Demonstrate how to write performance objectives.
• Explain the differences between an outline and a lesson plan.
• Given a training topic, write a lesson plan.
• Explain and demonstrate classroom management techniques.
• Identify and demonstrate stand-up training skills and behaviors of effective trainers.
• Identify the course outline, a module, and a performance objective in a core course
• Develop required tests for STC core courses.

COURSES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. For further information regarding this course, please contact your STC Core Field Representative:

Mary Wakefield (central region) - (916) 324-9423 or

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