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About the STC Selection Exams

The Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) developed and validated three separate selection examinations for the positions of entry-level Adult Corrections Officer, Juvenile Corrections Officer and Probation Officer. The exams are made available to Standards and Training for Corrections Program participating agencies. Each test takes approximately two (2) hours and consists of multiple choice questions related to the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics necessary for an applicant to possess prior to employment.

These exams have been developed based on a comprehensive statewide job analysis, and an extensive validation process conducted in accordance with federal and state employment law. STC ensures the exams are in compliance with professional standards for this type of research.

The BSCC’s role in developing entry-level selection exams offers a significant benefit to counties and cities in that test development is:

  • Expensive;
  • Time consuming;
  • Requires a large sample size and;
  • Requires highly technical staff to complete such an endeavor.

Each of the selection exam forms is available in the traditional paper and pencil form and online, administered at various testing sites. The cost associated with administering the exams in written form and online are comparable.



  • When scheduling a written examination, the agency must notify Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS) at least 10 working days prior to the test administration. The agency must also indicate the number of candidates for each classification will be tested at this time. This advance notice is to allow time to schedule, prepare, and ship all materials.
  • CPS is responsible for providing the agency with sufficient booklets, instructions, and answer sheets for the test administration.


  • CPS will provide scoring turnaround within three (3) working days of receipt of CPS scannable answer sheets.
  • Scoring is sent out by email.


  • $6.19 Per Candidate SCHEDULED for booklet preparation, printing, shipping and receiving AND
  • $2.16 Per Candidate TESTED for scoring and preparation of one ranked list, one alpha list and the raw score tabulations AND
  • $110.38 BASE Charge


Answer sheet verification - $35.00 per Candidate

Scoring converted to Excel File - $40.00


Optional Proctoring Services Available - Contact CPS for pricing quote.

For test ordering through CPS or for further information, you may contact CPS at (916) 471-3517 or by email at



  • Secure on-line delivery
  • Customized candidate data collection
  • Online tutorial and practice test
  • Easy-to-use interface is well-accepted by candidates
  • Tests are presented with complete instructions
  • Time limits are automatically enforced
  • Flexible account management functions
  • No hardware or software to install (just a pc with internet browser)


  • Scoring is immediate and automatic
  • Score reports are available immediately
  • Report formats are flexible
  • Individual candidate report
  • Group report - select and sort candidate lists
  • Adobe "pdf " report format can be printed or emailed
  • Email notification of test completion

Data Management:

  • All candidate information and scores are retained in a secure online database
  • Export data files to other applications or analysis
  • Integrate with other HR software applications


For further information or to request an on-line demonstration, contact Alicia Allegrini at Psychological Services Incorporated at (800) 367-1565 ext. 7291 or

Candidate Orientation Booklets

Candidate Orientation Booklets are available for each exam. These booklets provide an overview of the exam format and some sample questions. The booklets are not intended to be a study guide but rather are aimed at reducing test anxiety and giving candidates some information about what to expect on the test. Candidate Orientation Booklets are available on our website. To access them from our website please visit our STC services page at and click "Selection Standards Information"



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