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Juvenile Reentry Grant

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The Juvenile Reentry Grant (JRG) program was established to provide local supervision of youthful offenders discharged from the custody of the Division of Juvenile Facilities.

Welfare & Institutions Code (WIC) Sections 1980 et seq., authorizes counties to receive annual allocations from the Juvenile Reentry Fund and specifies these funds “shall be expended exclusively to address local program needs for persons discharged from the custody of the Division of Juvenile Facilities. County probation departments, in expending the Juvenile Reentry Grant allocation, shall provide evidence-based supervision and detention practices and rehabilitative services to persons who are subject to the jurisdiction of the juvenile court who were committed to and discharged from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Juvenile Facilities. “Evidence-based" refers to supervision and detention policies, procedures, programs, and practices demonstrated by scientific research to reduce recidivism among individuals on probation or under postrelease supervision.”

The WIC codes further specify that “The funding provided under this chapter is intended to provide payment in full for all local government costs of the supervision, programming, education, incarceration or any other cost resulting from persons discharged from custody or held in local facilities pursuant to the provisions of this act.”

County allocations of JRG funding are based on two factors:

(1) The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) provides an annual report identifying each ward discharged from a DJJ facility and each parolee recalled pursuant to WIC Section 731.1

(2) The Chief Probation Officers of California, in consultation with the Board of State & Community Corrections, provides an annual report on discharged wards who are returned to a local juvenile detention facility for violating a condition of court-ordered supervision during the first 24 months after the ward's initial release to local supervision


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  4. Juvenile Reentry Grant Governing Statutes


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