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Assembly Bill (AB) 1998

AB 1998 (enacted September 30, 2016 and effective January 1, 2017) makes important changes to the planning and reporting requirements under the JJCPA and the YOBG programs. Most significantly, many of the requirements are now combined for the two programs.

Background Information on JJCPA & YOBG

The JJCPA program provides state funding for probation departments to implement programs that have proven effective in reducing crime and delinquency among at-risk youth and youthful offenders.

The YOBG program provides state funding for counties to deliver custody and care (i.e., appropriate rehabilitative and supervisory services) to youthful offenders who previously would have been committed to the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, Division of Juvenile Justice.

Annual Reporting Due Dates

Due by May 1 of each fiscal year:

Due by October 1 of each fiscal year: